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The Brand Story

Abstract The Label was founded in February 2021 as a premium, female owned fashion brand. Our statement diamante pieces had great success on social media just three months after launch, leading to a large influx of orders and the establishment of our brand. We continue to grow daily.

Majestic Silver Rhinestone Top

Core Brand Beliefs

Quality always over quantity, always. In a culture of throw-away fashion we dare to be different, focusing on capsule collections featuring wearable yet premium styles designed to last throughout the seasons. We invest into high quality materials to manufacture our garments, luxury stretch satin's, heavyweight jerseys and soft meshes characterize our brand.

Additionally, we demonstrate this core belief in our partnerships, as we only work with a small number of trusted manufacturers. Our relationships with our suppliers are strong, so we can closely monitor the ethics within our supply chain. We believe that transparency is not a choice, it is imperative.


We are proud to be a cruelty free and vegan brand and we commit to never using any animal derived products such as feathers, fur or leathers as part of our designs. Compassion will always be in fashion.


This year and onwards, we promise to only launch styles designed in house by our founder in Yorkshire, England. We hand select our favourite exclusive designs, so we are extraordinarily passionate and proud of every collection. You will always stand out wearing Abstract The Label.​


What Our Clients Say

"An amazing company!! The customer service is amazing and the quality of their clothing is top tier! You will not be disappointed with this brand!"


Nhoaa, Bermuda

"Ordered a few times and I’ve loved every item. Such amazing quality for such a fair price. The owner of the brand is so lovely and understanding. I’ll be ordering more in the future."


Charlotte, United Kingdom

"I ended up choosing a sparkly silver shirt, and I have to say, it fits perfectly and is so freaking cute. Will definitely be ordering from here again!"


Margaret, United States